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Ethiopian coffee beans of the species
The most widely grown coffee type in Ethiopia is mild, aromatic arabica coffee (Coffea Arabica) which accounts for about 70% of the world’s coffee production.

Coffee verities found in western Guji Zone

Woreda:- Kercha- Attitude:- 1900-2050 masl
Hambella-Attitude:- 2100-2220 masl
Bulehora:- Attitude:- 2100 masl
Tasho :- Attitude:- 2182 masl
Buleya Attitude:- 2194 masl
Asgore Attitude:- 2342 masl
Tala Tutu Attitude:- 2022 masl
Bentineka Village Attitude:- 2140 masl
Gorome,Layo Kune Attitude:- 2100 masl


  • Indigenous heirloom
  • Mother tree
  • 24110,74112, Kurume, Dega

Rain fall: 1500


  • Natural (Sundried)
    The natural dried 20-25 days
    Are covered during the heat of the day to ensure a gentle and consistent drying
  • Washed
    Fertilization 48-72 hrs
    Dry 15 – 17 days covered night and during the heat of the day time
  • We supply the following Coffees
    Guji Speciality Grade 1 and 2
    Djimma, Limu, Nekempt and Harar etc

About Gomeju Oil

Gomeju Oil Ethiopia, an indigenous Oil company duly registered with the Federal Ministry of Trade and Licensed by the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise to Engage in the marketing of petroleum and petroleum products.

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