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Mr. Tewodros Yeshiwas the owner of the company was one of the biggest exporter of Ethiopian Coffee, cereals and oil seeds before the year 2000 E.C. he was also brand exporter of St. George beer and other local Alcoholic drinks such as Local Jin( Areke) to international Market.
He has then left to US where he was active in some other business and he came back to Addis Abeba in the year 2004E.C , establish Gonal Industrial Private limited company(Later Gomeju Oil Ethiopia) together with his spouse on 75: 25 share bases. having well experience, communication relations with international buyers, and the know how of this business, He ought to re-instate his import export business and regain his fame and play a role in the international business.

As business grows which in effect automatically requires an efficient and well organized human resource management. Specially, in international business like ours timely purchases, effective communication, cleaning of export items on timely basis, maintaining fast and efficient logistics and distribution system requires the presence of competent and caliber management team and employees.

Exporting Business: Gomeju Import and export will be engaged in the exporting of oil seeds, Pulses and Coffee to international Market Exportable agricultural products can easily be purchased from wholesale traders, commercial farms, and farmers’ associations or Co-operative unions located in Addis Ababa, regional state towns, and zonal / wereda small towns. Another main source of export items, like sesame, white/red kidney beans, is the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, ECX


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Gomeju Oil Ethiopia, an indigenous Oil company duly registered with the Federal Ministry of Trade and Licensed by the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise to Engage in the marketing of petroleum and petroleum products.

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